How it works:

1. Fill out the form below.

2. We will send you a commitment letter to sign that states you agree to recycle to the best of your abilities and if you need help you will contact Recycle Right.

3. You will commit to require all of your employees take the training. The cost of the training is $3 per individual. This charge is purely to keep the training platform operational. Recycle Right will not sell you or your employees' information or inundate you or your employees with spam.

4. Once you have signed the commitment and your employees have taken the training, you will be an official Recycle Right company.

5. We will send you a Recycle Right decal to put on your window, an official certificate, a digital logo that can be added to your website, we will promote you on social media, and we will add your logo to our Recycle Right Company page on our website.